The Health Benefits of Masu Salmon

Masu It is a hybrid species and euryhaline of salmon, found in the limits of the western pacific ocean throughout Eastern Asia, that includes from Kamchatka, the Kurils islands, Shakalin and Primorsky Krai south by Korea and Japan.

It is mainly consumed habitually by the tribes or Asian towns, although this specimen is in danger of extinction, the breeding of the species is used for reservation, commercialization and production purposes.

While it is not an international product, you can see its sale in cans, fresh or frozen. It is normally prepared in the oven or on the grill.

It has great benefits in which health and aesthetics corresponds, such as skin hydration and skin rejuvenation, thanks to the minerals it contains.

It is demanded for its healthy effects on the heart, an organ of vital importance for living beings. Strengthening the cardiovascular system, protecting it from future and possible diseases and thus preventing damage to the body.

The Omega-3 is one of the main factors that help in this care of this system, since it is a very important fatty acid and of required consumption.


It also works by preventing the dilation of veins and arteries, achieving optimal blood clotting and preventing bleeding.
The brain has an increase in its oxygenation, along with DHA; thus staying active continuously and easily fulfilling his motor and mental abilities.

It plays an important role in different glands, which is responsible for the segregation of hormones. In the thyroid, it serves as a blockade different diseases that could affect us.

Because of its high proportion of protein, a healthy and low-fat energy is formed. However, vitamins (such as B2, B6, and B12) along with the most important minerals, calcium and iodine help strengthen the bone structure, such as bones, joints and teeth.

It is recommended by specialists in diets for women who are in pregnancy, since this type of food, involved in the blood pressure of the pregnant woman and the benefits that the fetus acquires.

You can avoid clinical complications during pregnancy such as pains, disorders with platelets, and even in childbirth.

In the field of aesthetics, promotes healthier and stronger nails; as well as hair growth and hydration.

It can prevent cancer and osteoporosis, including other types of diseases such as coronary and brain. Cardiologists and neurologists hold Omega-3 responsible for such health benefits and protections to the body’s immune system.