The Health Benefits of chum salmon

This eurathaline fish can be found from the north coast of the Pacific Ocean, crossing Korea, Japan, Siberia, Alaska, to San Diego, California. It was even introduced by man, in Iran.

It is one of the most common species when fishing, it is usually sold in cans or fresh. It is also white in sport fishing.

This type of salmon has great benefits thanks to its wide variety of vitamin content, such as vitamin B6, vitamin B3, high in vitamin B12; along with Selenium and phosphorus proteins and antioxidants.

It has the ability to reduce nausea and edema, which is the accumulation of abnormal interstitial fluid or in the space between cells.


The existence of this edema can cause swelling in body tissues. Consuming this fish, could help to avoid and overcome this disease. You can even avoid cancer.

By consuming salmon, your skin will be more hydrated and nourishing thanks to the natural oils it provides, regenerating damaged tissues and impregnating freshness.

Did you know that eating salmon can also be used to speed up your digestive system? A smooth digestive system is necessary for a person because in the absence of irregularities of the digestive system a person will be interrupted in the performance of various activities.

As for some diseases caused by the inadequate digestive system is difficult bowel and diarrhea.

Helps maintain bone health, thanks to its high content of minerals and vitamins, strengthens the bone system and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis, which is a disorder caused by bone fragility.

It also helps in dental health, with the same purpose, mentioned above.

chum salmon benefits

Did you know that the amount of proteins that these salmon contain keeps your hair hydrated? For those who often change the hair model, eating this salmon will be the solution for healthy and strong hair; even avoiding massive loss of hair.

According to several investigations, it regulates the high contents of sugar in the blood.

The Selenium content that it possesses, avoids free radicals in the metabolism, preventing the body from possible diseases. In turn, it is responsible for an optimal development in brain tissues, thanks to its high DHA.

Commonly it can be prepared on the grill, grilled, but it is recommended that it be smoked or steamed, thus maintaining its pure content and without chemicals.

The eggs of these fish are often used as caviar, a dish with a high price, and high nutritional value.